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I developed this training in my over 20 years of professional Tango dancing, continuous study of the movements and the techniques to improve the dance and last but not least by passing on my knowledge to hundreds of dancers internationally.
So, get ready for a big change in your tango and a sound experience!

Just a few words... Technique, for me, is an essential tool to be able to express much better your feelings, your vision of the music and the dance ...make a statement, be clear and focused all the time.... it gives you the ability to play, to form, to speed up, to delay, to paint the music be on top of and represent the very moment, without (!) changing the dance of your partner, but much more by enhancing his dance through your active participation - a conversation where two people are completely engaged and connected - and the conversation, in that moment, can take off to places never known before...!
In short: Its gives you freedom (even though in the process it might feel sometimes different ;-))

AWARENESS is one of the most precious things I can gift to myself. So, this is why I am very keen on technique.
I look forward seeing you all and working with you!

Rosa Ginger Berg

New Series on Followers Technique It will consist in two Modules:

Part 1: Sound Technique

Part 2: Strictly Application



  • Understand Why, When & How on all those important topics of Argentine Tango
  • Understand your center and start working through it
  • Get to integrate circularity, volume and 3-D in your movements
  • Let's talk about key-points of connection within your body and in the couple to make your dance effortless, exact and responsive to your partners lead
  • And last but not least, develop your personal and feminine style



  • Short dance-sequences for Tangueras to train adornos/ stepping/ rhythm/ speed….
  • Get smooth, sharp, free, fluid, consistent... in your movement, quality and technique by repetition
  • Get the habit of implementing adornos naturally
  • Playfully train your body-memory to adjust spontaneously to different situations



  • Tango Atelier
  • Schönbrunnerstrasse 58, 1050 Wien




ALL LEVELS (except Level 0 or please call me before)

Bring socks & tango shoes
Please be on time!
for Ladies ONLY!

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